Diy Halter Bikini Top

Hello my lovelies.  Can you believe it? I finally did a new DIY post. Bravó Cindy!  I know that summer is practically almost over a...

Hello my lovelies. 
Can you believe it? I finally did a new DIY post. Bravó Cindy! 
I know that summer is practically almost over and that many of you are already back to school or work, but my summer has just started. I was studying all summer for exams and now it's finally time for vacation. In about a week I'll go to Calabria, Tropea, Italy and I am already counting the days. So because of my hopefully sunny vacation on the beach I decided to do a diy halter bikini top. These kind of tops are very popular this year and are quite expensive in stores. This diy is a perfect way to upcycle your old bikini bottoms.  If you want to know how I made this cute halter bikini top, just keep reading. 


✿ Bikini bottoms with ties on the sides ⇢ I purchased these bottoms in size M, but if you have large bust, go size up
✿ Scissors 
✿ Needle / Sewing machine would be better if you have it 
✿ Thread that matches your bikini bottoms 

STEP 1 : Cut off the strings on the front side of the swim suit

STEP 2 : Cut the swim suit in half at the crotch

 This part of the swim suit that you cut will no longer be needed, so you can throw it away. As you can see in the photo, where this cut is, is going to be the part of the swim suit closest to your neck.

STEP 3 : Fold over approx. 2 cm of the side of the swim suit that is close to your neck to create a straight line 

 Sew this part that you folded to the swim suit. 

STEP 4 : Take the strings that you cut off before and sew them to the folded part of the swim suit

 These two strings are meant to be your neck ties. Sew them vertically as shown in the photo. 

After that, you are all done. It is very easy, right? This bikini cost me 5 euros because I purchased these bottoms on sale. As I said, this DIY is super easy, cute and cheap. Even though summer is almost over, it is never too late to recreate a simple DIY halter top and wear it the next summer. I am sure that it will still be in fashion.

Thank you for reading this post!

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  1. Kakšna dobra ideja in top končni izdelek :D Uživej na dopustu! Jaz ga tudi še čakam :D

    1. Hvala ti, res že nestrpno čakam dopust :) Tudi ti uživaj na svojem dopustu :)

  2. O, res super ideja :) bom definitivno sprobala, ker res lepo pride na koncu :)

    1. Hvala Manca :) Moraš probati, ti priporočam, če nimaš doma kakšnega starega spodnjega dela, da skočiš v trgovino dokler so še znižanja :)

  3. Odlična objava :) Res izgleda čudovito!

    1. Hvala ti, je res enostaven diy ampak na koncu pride zelo fino :)

  4. O to pa je res odlična ideja. Pa še kako lepo je izpadlo z temv vzrocem :D <3 Jaz bi sicer kar velike hlače za moje boobs :D, ampak si moram definitivno idejo zapomnit, ko bom videla kakšne znižane.
    Odlična objava ;).

    1. Hvala ti ! :) Sej je res problem za večje oprsje, ampak mislim da se najde, probaj na razprodajah najti kakšno večjo številko, mogoče bo pa fino izpadlo :)

  5. Uu, kako dobra ideja! Mi je ful všeč. But I have too much boobz za tole, drugače bi že probala :D :D :D

    1. Hvala Tamara :) Haha, važno je, da moj diy projekt mentalno podpiraš :D Hvala ti res :)


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