New Catrice Contourious Limited Trend Edition

Hello lovelies. I have never done a review of a new collection of products before and I am super excited about this one. Recently I...

Hello lovelies.
I have never done a review of a new collection of products before and I am super excited about this one. Recently I received some products from a new Catrice Contourious Limited Trend Edition. This limited edition "Contourious" is all about contouring and strobing. It offers some great products to apply the trendy techniques that are so popular right now. The whole collection is available in stores from August to September 2016.

This palette consists of one contouring, one highlighting and one blush shade.  There are two palettes, the one that I have (C01 Pale Perfectionist) and C02 Almond Architect, which has a red blush shade inside. They both look very pretty. I love the highlight shade, but I am not a fan of the other two: the contouring and the blush one. I am not a contouring professional and that's why I really don't know how to actually use this contouring powder. I would much more prefer the creamy contouring shade, since it is a lot easier to blend. The problem with the blush shade is that it isn't shimmery and since I am a shimmer freak I would also prefer to have a shimmery shade, but that really depends from person to person. All in all, the shades are all well pigmented. Price in stores: 5,29 €.

This slim, ergonomically shaped brush is a great tool for highlighting and contouring. It has thick, but soft bristles. The brush has a unique curved shape for precision highlighting and contouring. It follows natural contours of the face. For highlighting, I apply the highlighting powder from the palette to the brush, press lightly and smoothly sweep along cheek contour to create that glowing look. The bristles are quite dense, so you may find hard to blend the contour powder and be left without any harsh lines. I've read somewhere that this kind of brush can be also used as a concealer brush. Price in stores: 4,69 €.

My favourite from the entire line. I use this product every day. This highlighting stick has a nice, creamy & wet texture. It is very easy to apply and blend with fingers or sponge. Because it's in a great pen shape it easily sets accurate highlights. I also love the pearly shimmer shade because it gives a beautiful, light and radiant glow to my skin. I apply it underneath the eyebrows, along the bridge of the nose, the forehead and above the cheeks. This stick comes only in one shade - C01 Gentle Glow. Price in stores: 4,69 €.

My second favourite from the collection. I love mauve lip colours an this one is such a great product. There are two products in one packaging as you can see in the photo below: lipgloss with shiny finish and matt lipliner that fills the lips and contours them. I have it in C02 Rosewood. Price in stores: 4,69 €.

This is all for today's post. You can also find some other products in the line, click here to see the rest of the offer. I hope that you liked this post. Thank you for reading :)

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  1. Tudi meni je osvetljevalec najljubši iz te linije, ampak ga na žalost nisem nikjer več mogla kupit (vse izropano). Tudi embalaža te kolekcije mi je prečudovita, taka simple but cute/chic. xx

    1. Osvetljevalec je res the best ! :) Upam da najdeš še kje kolekcijo v kakšni drogeriji :)


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