Family trip to Trieste + haul

Hello my lovelies ♡ I am very sorry for not posting anything these past weeks, but I was very busy with my finals and other school stuff,...

Hello my lovelies ♡

I am very sorry for not posting anything these past weeks, but I was very busy with my finals and other school stuff, but guess what? I am done with high school and that means plenty of time for blogging, yay (thumbs up) Thursday was such a lovely day ! It was a holiday in Slovenia and when there is a holiday in our country, life just slows down and the city is empty, because everybody decides to go on a trip or just have a day off. My family and I decided to go to Trieste, because I've never been there and I really wanted to go. At 10.00 am we were already on the highway with the sun above us and we were headed to a shopping mall in Trieste, called Le Torri D'Europa. I visited some stores - Sephora, Kiko, Bottega Verde and one more store which name I forgot. Even though most stores are very expensive, I found some things that did not kill my wallet. You can check down below what I bought :)

Torri D'Europa

taking selfies on a trip is a must :)

After shopping we went back to our Slovene riviera to enjoy some time by the sea. First we went to get something to eat and we decided for gostilnica Gušt in Izola. I ordered risotto with calamari and it was delicious ! I highly recommend this restaurant to everyone that loves to try different tastes of food and enjoys every bite of it ! :) 

Gušt restaurant in Izola, Slovenia

Risotto with parsley and calamari - delicious !


Here are the things that I bought in Italy. I just love these glasses, they are so edgy, but so classy at the same time. And yes, there is no need telling me how big they look on me, I know, but I still like them ! Also I can't wait to try this bikini that my boyfriend bought for me in Pimkie. It has a strappy back and it looks gorgeous !

I just adore this shade of Bottega verde lipstick. The color It's different in reality, absolutely more coral than on the photos. It's a nice peachy, coral, summery color and it has a cooling effect on lips, which is amazing. I will test it a little bit more in the next few weeks and I'll write a review soon. 

That's everything for today's post. I hope that you liked it


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  1. Ojoj Sephora, vedno gledam na instagramu njihove fotke kaj vse objavljajo, ampak mislim, da bi denarnica trpela preveč:). Drgače pa ste super lepa družinica, in Gušt, vsak dan v ćasu študija sem lokal naprej Shark pila zjutraj kavico in še kar nekaj let živela na obali:):) p.s fant ima super okus za kopalke:) Monika iz Sugarlove bloga:)

    1. js sem so tudi zlo želela pogledat kk zgleda ta Sephora, ampak majo pretirane cene :) Če si na obali živela potem lahko verjameš, da sem bila čisto navdušena nad tole tižotko v guštu :) jaa res ima fin okus kar se tega tiče :) hvala ! <3

  2. Super nakup :) Tale šminka izgleda reeees super in bi jo z veseljem poskusila ;)

    1. Hvalaa ;) šminka je res kul, pa še tak hladilen efekt ma na ustnicah, vonj je pa mentol. Nisem je kaj preveč še uporabljala, mogoče pa kak review objavim o njej :)


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