I am so happy for today's post. I've been wanting to post this since I started this blog and I finally did it !  Even though I ...

I am so happy for today's post. I've been wanting to post this since I started this blog and I finally did it ! 
Even though I wear this bag to school and I usually keep my binder and other school stuff inside, I decided not to write what's in my school bag, cause that would be very boring. 
My bag is from H&M and it cost me 40 € (yup, my wallet is still in pain). It is also available in cream color. You can see this gorgeous here. I must say that this bag is my dream one. It's perfect, big (but not too big) and it has a lot of compartments plus it has gold zippers - YAY ! The price it's a little bit overrated, because the quality of it it's not that good and the material gets dirty and ruined very quickly. 
But enough about my bag, let's see what's inside :)

Wallet - Stradivarius 
Scented bag - L'Occitane
iPhone case - New Yorker 
Keyring - Nici
Planner - Cosmopolitan
Gloves - Tally Weijl
Lipbalm - DM
Flower case - Primark

Mirror - Primark
Hand cream - L'Occitane
Coconut lip butter - DM
Mini nail file - Essence 
Mini perfume - Issey Miyake Pleats Please 

That's everything that is hiding in my bag. I also have my water bottle with me everyday, but I just did not find it for this post and sometimes I take my power bank with me when I go to school, because you never know when your iPhone is gonna die (we all know this thing does not stay alive for long) :(

I hope that you enjoyed reading this post.  Have a great Wednesday lovelies

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  1. I love that bag! It's gorgeous! I'm debating if I should get it for my birthday, but I want it in the cream color, so I would be able to use it in spring and summer. :D Great post as well! <3

    1. Thank you dear ! If you are looking for a bag that's quite big, chic, easy to carry and has a lot of compartments then this one is the best :) I hope that you'll like it ! :) <3

  2. H&M je pa kar povišal cene toric zadnje čase se mi zdi. Je pa res zelo lepa :) in maš lepo urejeno, jaz ponavadi vedno toliko odvečnih stvari nosim s sabo :D

    1. Hvala :) Meni se tudi zdi, da malce pretiravajo s cenami, ampak je pa res, da so mi njihove torbice edine zelo všeč, saj so nekaj posebnega pa še zelo modne :) Se pa trudim ja, da bi imela usaj malo urejeno, čeprav se notri najde tudi nekaj zelo odvečnih stvari hehe :)

  3. Kok luškan blogec maš! ^^

    jooj ta etui s tigrom mi je pa takoooo žal da si nism kupla :D 1x sm ga vidla pa sm rekla bom drugič pol ga pa ni več blo :( ful je hud! :D


    1. Hvala !! :) Js sem tudi tvojga malo prečekirala in je top ! :) Tale etui je kr fin, samo malo neroden za držat :( sem ga pa res ravno na razprodajah dobila prejšnjič, juhu ! :)

  4. Kok lepo pospravljena torbica! :) Super objava in slikce :)

  5. I love it! I am your fan! <3 ;*

  6. I love this post! Love the way you made it, and the pictures are so beautiful. That is so gorgeous!


  7. Shame about the quality because that bag looks so nice :) I love your pictures too x


    1. Yeah, I am a little bit disappointed about that too, but what can you do, you cant have pretty + good quality and low price unfortunately :( Thank you ! <3 :)

  8. The bag looks gorgeous! I just found your blog, and I'm so glad i did :) xx

    1. It is, but totally overpriced, because it does not last long :( I'm glad that you found my blog, yaay ! I checked out yours and I love it, especially your photos are stunning :)

  9. Tako najdem se v tvoji torbici:) Ful luštne so te torbice iz H&M-a čeprav imajo kar ceno, so pa dobri modeli, tega sem tolikokrat gledala pa dejansko sem na koncu ugotovila, da je ne rabim:) drgače pa super urejena in same fine stvari se skrivajo v njej.


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